Stock mounted lace on Ammo Cuffs

Stock mounted lace on Ammo Cuffs

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Get in the order queue ASAP if you want one of these ammo cuffs. 

ETA for a new batch is usually 2-4 weeks or so. Each cuff is made to order. These are made for centerfire rifle cartridges that are rimmed or non-rimmed. 

  Please note your calibre and right/left-handed on the online order form.  I am backed up on these at the moment and will have all orders out ASAP.

Ammo cuffs come with synthetic lace, and a criss-cross/shoelace pattern works best.  A suede protective flap is stitched on, this will need trimming when installing it. (Instructions come with the cuff, a pair of ordinary household scissors will work fine). 

There are no discounts on ammo cuffs due to the work involved.