Holiday season cuff sale

Holiday season cuff sale

Regular price $ 55.00

The order queue is open for the normal stitched items and this line of lesser-finished items with lowered pricing. 

This line of cuffs lacks the fine-finished stitched edges of my normal offerings. They come with synthetic lace (the 308 lineups have a protective suede flap). 

The lever gun ammo cuff (shown in chestnut leather below) has no suede flap. 

The normal cuffs are made for 308-based rounds but can be stitched for others (please put this in the order notes). Rimmed pistol cartridges can be easily fitted whilst being sewn.

Levergun cuffs are for rimmed cartridges such as 45/70, 30/30 and others. 

A few dozen cuffs are ready to ship, all others will be made to order.