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Ching Sling
The 3 point sling devised by Eric Ching of Gunsite for the Scout Rifle that Jeff Cooper conceptualized. Note, this sling works wonderfully with standard rifles too. A middle stud is needed to be installed in your stock to mount the middle strap. When slung the rifle is steadied by the triangulation of the straps. If you do not desire to drill a hole in your stock, please look at the Rhodesian Sling that I offer here. Please include your choice in the "notes" section of the order or email me ASAP with color, width, style and buckle choice. Note: Cerakote is a two part thermally cured coating that is applied to the brass hardware. This coating will wear and can chip during use. There is no warranty for wear and tear on this coating. There is an extra charge for the Cerakote coating. Don't forget to order swivels (order the three-pack, I'll get a screw style middle stud in the order for you as well).
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This sling is offered in 1" or 1.25" width, brass, nickled or black Cerakoted buckles and in 3 colours, black, walnut brown (the darker of the browns shown) or chestnut brown (reddish hue). Cerakoted buckles in stock. There will be an extra charge for this. Ching Sling Installation Photos are here: http://www.scoutrifle.org/index.php?topic=3683.0